Where is Najeeb?
Mumbai 2016

A parade took place in Mumbai University
“You Killed Rohith Vemula,Now Where is NAJEEB Ahmed?”

Chalo Mumbai University
From Pipe Road Masjid,Kurla (W) to Mumbai University,Kalina
On 24th November,2016.11 am onwards

First there was the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula,a student of Hyderabad Central University.Now they have made Najeeb disappear.Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have been protesting to draw government’s attention and demanding to bring Najeeb back.Since several days,Najeeb’s mother has also taken to the roads of Delhi,asking for the return of her son.Instead of finding her son,the police have only humiliated her by dragging her across the roads and arresting her.

Najeeb Ahmed,a 27year old student of MSc.Biotechnology in JNU.He had recently joined the hotel on campus.On 14th October,he had a confrontation with some members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)in his hostel.He was beaten up badly by12 of them.His nose started to bleed.The hostel warden withnessed the beating.The next day onward,Najeeb went missing.A mere 8 kms away from JNU is the residence of the country’s prime minister and yet a brilliant student from a top university of the country is still missing!The proctor and the vice chancellor (VC) shamelessly refused to file an F.I.R VC is now also threatening of a crackdown on the university if the students continue to protest.The police are claiming to have failed to find any traces of Najeeb even after a month.This is the police force that captures the alleged culprits failed within few minutes of a bomb blast...tha makes 8 undertrials run from Bhopal jail and then eliminates them in a cold blooded manner,much like James Bond,even after they had covered 10 kms.

With this ,RSS has once again sent a clear message that the country and its universities are being run on the basis of BJP and ABVP’s goondagardi.Anyone who protests will not be spared.Anyone who dissents will be called traitor and anti-national.They will either be pushed to death like Rohith or made to disappear like Najeeb.They want to convert the schools of knowledge to training camps of Brahmanism and Manuvaad.We must understand this brahmanical experiment of BJP and ABVP.

We are in dark times.We must speak up.Silence will no more do.Or else the future generations will also be silenced.If we do not speak up now against the atmosphere of terror being created on university campuses,tomorrow any of us could be the target.ABVP is behind the disappearance of Najeeb,will the police dare to investigate thoroughly,interrogate and arrest the culprits?!!This Brahmanical politics has to be exposed.Only one power can bring Najeeb back:People ‘s power ! We must spread this struggle beyond JNU.On24th November,people of Mumbai will take to the streets.There will be a protest rally from Pipe Road Masjid,Kurla(W)to Mumbai University.Let’s join this rally in large numbers.Save Najeeb.Save Humanity.