Calcutta Project
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Calcutta (Bengali:, English: Calcutta) India is the capital of West bengal. It is located in the eastern India Delta region of Ganges RIver, the Hu Geli River (a tributary of the east coast of Ganges RIver). The city has a population of 4638350 people, the population of the entire metropolitan area of 14681589 people (January 2006), is the third largest metropolitan area in India (after Mumbai and New Delhi).
In the colonial period, from 1772 to 1911 140 years, Calcutta has been the capital of British India. During this period, the city has been the center of modern education, science, culture and politics in India, so far, there are still a large number of Vitoria style buildings left behind. But after India's independence in 1947, the city has experienced a prolonged economic stagnation due to the impact of various unfavorable factors. However, since 2000, the economic recovery has replaced the pathological decline, the city began to re burst out of the growth of vitality.
Calcutta is a has unique social and political culture of the city, known to the campaign for independence from India to left-wing trade union movement and the revolutionary history, dominated by Communist Party of India (MA) of the left front through democratic elections has in Calcutta where the West Bengal and Laban continuous power for 30 years.